Idina Menzel’s World Tour REVIEW!!!

EXCLUSIVE - EDITORIAL USE ONLY / NO MERCHANDISING Mandatory Credit: Photo by Brian J Ritchie/REX_Shutterstock (2601843gu) Idina Menzel 'The Jonathan Ross Show' TV Programme, London, Britain. - 20 Dec 2014

If you can, go. Idina Menzel’s world tour is not only engaging, but mesmerizing. Her voice pierces the air and stabs every crisp note. She commands the stage. Every song was made stronger with her power.

Her set was well constructed with “Defying Gravity” and “Let It Go” anchoring the show. She mixed some songs, impressively, as if she was on Glee (which of course she was…for like three episodes). She picked out the best of her own music too, which you’ll want to look up on Spotify immediately after. And, of course, there were some Broadway anthems thrown in there (yes, the ‘Take Me or Leave Me’ duet is in there).

Idina is a powerhouse. There’s a very fine line between belting and screeching and Mendel walks on the edge beautifully.

But we knew she could sing. What was interesting was when she talked. Menzel is likable. She’s funny. What she says in between songs doesn’t seem rehearsed. We got to know her better in more personal speeches, but we also got see her personality. I saw her at Red Rocks in Colorado, a famous but challenging outdoor venue. She was very funny and very sweet about singing at the high altitude. You could tell that it was hard on her voice, but she kept powering through. There was one moment, while on the ground singing a ballad, where Menzel’s dress flew up a little bit from the fans on the stage (like actual fans that circulated air). Of course, we didn’t see anything, but she pushed through the embarrassing moment by re-writing the words to the song.

It was moments like these that made the night memorable and made Menzel endearing. She was friendly and just fun. And of course, she’s incredibly talented. Menzel is a supernova inside and out. If you can, go. She isn’t just one of the best on Broadway, she is one of the best people I’ve seen live. If you like Bette Middler, than you’ll love Menzel. If you can, go.


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