No One Likes Anne Hathaway (Including Me)

Anne Hathaway is unlikeable. Either you feel this way or you know that everybody else feels this way. She’s become a running gag on talk shows and even in this summer’s Trainwreck. Joan Rivers would mercilessly make fun of her every time the actress opened her mouth. Twitter attacks whatever she does. They literally call themselves the Hathahaters. And while I hate to admit it, I’m one of them. Okay, maybe I’m not a Hathahater. Hate is a strong word. I’d call myself a Hathastronglydisliker. Granted, she is a brilliant actress. And, okay, she is probably a really good person. I’m just saying that she is impossible not to dislike. Okay, when I say that out loud it sounds mean, which of course, it is. Am I a bully? Yes. Am I a despicable individual for being so mean to her? Maybe.  But just try to watch this interview and not cringe just a little bit.


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