FANTASTIC FOUR’s Terrible Box Office Results! Sequel Still Coming!


Fantastic Four is one of the worst movies and biggest embarrassments of the year.

While there might be some small corner of the internet that likes this movie (at most 5 people), everybody else despises this. It’s got 9% on Rotten Tomatoes. I just want you to take a minute and acknowledge how sad that it is. Critics were merciless. Fans were brutal. And they were deservedly mad!!! I couldn’t sit through it. Almost everything about this movie was stupid. It wasn’t even laughable. Batman Forever is watchable because it’s laughably bad. This isn’t. This is just boring.

If reviews and Twitter weren’t enough for the execs at Fox, they woke up this morning with the box office reports coming in. Fantastic Four made $26.2 million it’s opening weekend, embarrassingly lower than the predicted $40.

Despite all this, despite everyone telling them not too, Fox is still moving forward with the sequel. At least for right now, Fantastic Four 2 is slated for 2017. Whether that movie stays on the slate for long, we’re not sure. Look, if Fox wanted to keep this franchise going, then sell the rights to Marvel. It’s the only way you are going to get any money from this.

On behalf of every poor soul that sat through Fantastic Four I am begging you Fox, scrap the sequel and we’ll pretend like the first one didn’t exist. Does that sound good? Great! No, better yet, fantastic!


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