FIRST LOOK: Empire Season 2!!!

Empire was a phenomenon. That might be too strong a word, but its first season was a really big deal. It was a ratings juggernaut. It became an event- thousands would live-tweet every episode. Everyone was talking about it at the office the next morning. Every week, ratings would bump it up on the charts until it got the top. But will the season’s biggest show maintain it’s massive success? They’ve brought on a lot of guest stars to make things interesting (there’s rumors that Mariah Carey will make an appearance). But while they’ve set some things up in season one that’ll give season two a nice premiere, I don’t know what else they can explore. My problem with the show is that it walks the fine line of drama and soap opera. The writers really need to be careful. While Taraji P. Henson is obviously the shows biggest asset, they need to make sure she stays a strong female character and not a caricature. Despite the show’s best efforts, the only big Emmy nom they got war for Taraji. The industry doesn’t take the show seriously. In the next season, the cast and creative team are going to need to prove they are a massive show that deserves the attention. But even without critics or Emmy’s, Empire is still a force to be reckoned with. Season 2 kicks off September 23rd on FOX.


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