John Green’s Next Book and Movie!!!


John Green is writing another book and one that he’s already written is being made into a movie. So his legions of teen fans can now start screaming.

While last month’s Paper Towns wasn’t a massive success (it isn’t bringing anywhere near the numbers of TFIOS), Hollywood still has faith in John Green. For the past decade we’ve got three different eras for the teen movie with a wizard, a vampire, and Katniss. But with Katniss leaving the arena this year, Hollywood needs another teen phenomenon. With people tired of fantasies and distopias, could contemporaries finally come back? Tumblr is calling John Green the voice of this next generation but is John Green the next John Hughes? Hollywood is still trying to convince us.

There’s no denying the popularity of The Fault in Our Stars but Paper Towns was a little bit of a disappointment. Despite the movie’s low numbers, John Green’s first book (Looking for Alaska) was just green lit for the big screens. If they can keep the budget low, the box office will still make Hollywood stacks of money. John Green is still a safe bet.

And while that’s good news, we’ve got big news. John Green says that he’s working a new book. Granted, it’s not coming to bookstores until around 2019 , but at least it’s official. He got a little off track with the whirlwind of the past two years, but now that everything’s starting to slow down for him, he’s going to try to crank out another novel.

We’ve still got a long time to wait for another John Green book, but impatient fans can find him weekly on YouTube. He’s got millions of subscribers who watch him talk about anything and everything (with his brother Hank). The two created Vidcon (a convention for YouTubers) that draws bigger and bigger crowds each year. If everything falls apart career wise, he’s still got that.

So, yeah, John Green’s been keeping himself busy. His books are coming to the big screen. He’s writing one of the most anticipated YA books that I can think of. He’s one of the biggest names on Tumblr and on YouTube. It’s not a bad year to be John Green. But it’ll interesting to see whether he reaches the big expectations we have for him in the next.


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