UH OH!!! Watch Cara Delevigne Get Told Off In Appalling Interview

Look, we get that press junkets can be tough. When you open a movie, you spend days sitting in an uncomfortable chair behind a cardboard poster answering the same questions. I get that it’s boring, but it’s part of the job. Delvigne got paid millions for doing Paper Towns. I don’t feel to bad if she’s forced to talk about the experience for a couple of days on TV. She can at least act like she cares on these tours, I mean God. Delevigne’s attitude was appalling. She wasn’t interested. She wasn’t even focused. She was enthusiastic during other interviews, she can at least pretend to be interested for this one. It was just an awkward and uncomfortable interview.



  1. staciblank · July 30, 2015

    From the get go she was mistreated by these 3 “journalists” . After calling her by the wrong name they passive aggressively taunted her throughout…. She mustered a lot more control than I would have.

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