Channing Tatum LEAVING Gambit Movie


Just when we thought the Gambit movie was finally going into production, Channing Tatum decided to quit. Or at least, we think.

The Wrap reported an hour ago that ‘an individual with knowledge of the situation’ says that ‘something is up.’ The insider says that 20th Century Fox is in jeopardy of losing the star. While some may think that this is an obvious rumor, we’re not so sure. The Wrap usually is pretty good at giving us legitimate news. When they do post rumors those rumors usually turn out to be true.

We don’t know why Tatum would leave a major project like Gambit. Just a couple weeks ago he was promoting the film at Comic Con. If there’s been arguments they must’ve been pretty recently. While we’re still looking for another major news outlet to confirm the news, we wouldn’t be shocked if Tatum is in fact leaving. The story’s been trending on Twitter for some time now and if it weren’t true, Tatum would’ve shut it down.

Execs were planning on starting production for the movie in the Fall of this year with an October 2016 release date. If they move forward without Tatum, they’re going to need to find someone and sign them fast. Maybe they could get another big name, but it will be tough to book a big name who isn’t already tied down for this fall.

We’re still a little confused by this news, and to be fair, it is still a rumor. It’s pretty late at night and not many news outlets are going to post anything until the morning. I guess we’ll all find out tomorrow if Fox should be worried. All I can say is that if the rumor is true, than Fox just got a devastating blow.


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