Why Everyone Should Be Excited About ‘Bob the Musical’ with Tom Cruise!!!

We get that the title of the movie is a little weird, and we also get that our excitement for the movie is a little weird, but Bob the Musical looks absolutely fantastic so we’re going to go on a little rant/explanation.

Bob the Musical is about a guy (named uh, Bob) who gets hit in the head and can hear the inner songs of everyone around him. Despite the fact that Bob hates people breaking out into song, his life has become a musical. So yeah, it’s basically a musical version of What a Girl Wants with Tom Cruise, but that sounds awesome right!?

This musical’s been in development for a REALLY long time (since 2004), but just recently Disney is putting it on the fast track. They’ve picked Michel Hazanavicius (from The Artist) to direct and kicked out the Frozen songwriters for Bret Mckenzie (from the Muppet movie). And while that’s definitely a big deal, Tom Cruise just signed on so nobody cares about the aforementioned sentence!

Before people roll their eyes, we think Cruise can actually pull off a movie musical. Yes, Rock of Ages was god awful but he wasn’t that bad in it. There’s definitely been worse Hollywood A-Listers embarrassing themselves singing off-key. Say what you will about Tom Cruise (like that the guy’s a clinically insane Scientologist…) but he does commit to every role he plays. He may not be a Broadway vet but the celeb can sing. His name attached is going to sell this movie musical (and selling a movie musical is pretty damn tough).

We love the synopsis and trust the team. Tom Cruise being the face of this movie is a BIG sell. This movie seems fun and funny. When this movie actually gets to screens, we’ll be sitting in the front row. Well, actually the front row WRECKS your neck so I’ll probably be sitting in the back but you get the idea!


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