EMMY NOMINATIONS: Snubs and Surprises!!!


Just like literally every year before, we’re a little upset with the Emmys…and a little surprised.

Finally, the academy of arts and television set down some ground rules in terms of what show gets what category (because Orange is the New Black wouldn’t stop complaining). Now it’s official: 30 minute shows are considered comedies while 60 minute shows, which includes Orange is the New Black, are considered dramas. Because of the ruling, OITNB is absolutely screwed but we’re still rooting for Uzo Aduba!!! At least OITNB  got on the ballet. Real dramas like The Affair and Outlier were somehow COMPLETELY shut out. Ruth Wilson also didn’t get a nomination, which is shocking. She should’ve won for her performance. Not cool. Ratings giant Empire only got a nom for Cookie. While some are outraged, we agree with the ruling. Empire is a good show, but it borders on soap opera. Other shows deserve (and need) an Emmy more. As expected, Game of Thrones and Mad Man got a massive number of noms, and could win a lot of them with Breaking Bad (a fan and critical juggernaut) no longer on air.

Now let’s talk comedies. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmitt got nominated, which is a big deal for the Netflix show in it’s first season. But, as much as we love THAT female driven comedy, Mindy Kailing got snubbed for The Mindy Project (which is about to move from FOX to Hulu). Amy Shumer, who’s career is getting bigger and bigger, did get a nom for Best Actress in a Comedy and her sketch show Inside Amy Shumer got an impressive 4 nominations. For the first time, The Big Bang Theory got COMPLETELY shut out this year. That’s right: Jim Parson didn’t get nominated. Finally, someone else can get that Best Actor trophy! Jane Fonda also didn’t get a nom for her performance in the Netflix series Grace & Frankie, but her co-star Lily Tomlin did. That might be awkward going back to the set on Monday!!! Modern Family got their standard nominations, but it’ll be interesting to see whether they get their Best Comedy Series AGAIN (the show’s never lost the category).

Ultimately, we’re more surprised than frustrated with the list. While there are definitely snubs, they won’t start a riot (although Twitter’s pretty angry). While The Affair, Outlier, Ruth Wilson, Mindy Kailing, and Jane Fonda should’ve gotten nominated, this year’s list isn’t that bad. We’ve certainly have seen worse snubs (#TheLegoMovieIsAWinnerInMyEyes). TV’s biggest award show did okay this time. We’re not that mad at the Emmys. That is, until we see the winners list and start ranting about how furious we are that Louis CK didn’t get the trophy. But I digress.


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