MINIONS Movie Review!!!


We were sure that the Minions could hold their own movie, despite what everyone else was saying. They stole Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2 and became merchandise mayhem, filling shelves (no, isles) at Targets across the country. And while we’re sure the spin-off will make a ridiculous amount of money at the box office, I was left incredibly disappointed while watching Minions. Sure, the animated movie was aimed towards younger audiences, but there were some dark/crude jokes aimed at adults too that barely land. And while I found the movie mildly amusing, kids will find it hilarious. Because the minions don’t speak any real language, the movie’s comedy depends entirely on physical humor and the minions facial expressions (which is what I found funny and absolutely adorable). None of it made any sense, and while it was amusing it wasn’t moving. If parents aren’t going to laugh, at least make it touching (look at ANY Pixar movie). I still think that minions could carry a stand alone movie, but I don’t think they succeeded with this one. Obviously, it’s going to be a major success from a business stand point and kids will love it, but anyone whose not under the age of 12 will either hate it or be disappointed by what it could’ve been. If your a casual fan of the franchise (or someone who thought clips of the minions on YouTube were funny) I wouldn’t bother buying a ticket. Just take your kid if you’re a parent. They’ll like it.


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