Ben Affleck Directing/Writing/Starring In BATMAN SOLO MOVIE!!!

Remember a couple years ago when the internet became a war zone over Batfleck!? Well before we’ve even seen him on the big screen as the Dark Knight, its been reported that Affleck will direct, write, and star in a new Batman solo movie. DC execs must love what Ben’s done with the character to give him this massive project. And while it might seem ridiculous for Affleck to be in front and behind the camera, the guys got an Oscar for screenwriting (Good Will Hunting) and should’ve got another statue for directing (Argo). To be honest, this isn’t actually that surprising. Affleck is incredibly talented and can do a lot with the material. Despite the general public’s initial reluctance to his casting, he’s grown on us. We think he’ll kill it as Batman in Dawn of Justice and think he can handle a stand alone film. While there’s no word yet on when this movie will come out, it’s probably far down the line on DC’s slate (expect it to 2019/2020). Regardless of the release date just marvel (get it!?) at the news that the Dark Knight will not only return but stay in the DC cinematic universe. And like him or hate him, Ben Affleck is not going anywhere.


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