You’ll Never Guess Who’s Playing Aunt May In SPIDERMAN!!!


Academy Award winner Marisa Tomei will play Aunt May in the next Spider-Man reboot. I know that might now sound very exciting but trust me it is. Tomei is not a household name but deserves to be. She’s best known for My Cousin Vinny (which she got an Oscar for), but has been recently seen (and praised) for Crazy Stupid Love and The Wrestler (which got her an Oscar nomination). She’ll make an appearance later in the summer in Amy Shumer’s Trainwreck and is set to appear in the next season of Empire. Slowly but surely, she’s going to make herself into a household name, or at least a familiar face. Now that she’s landed the role of Aunt May (or should we say Aunt (To)Mei) she’ll become an even bigger name in Hollywood. We’re incredibly excited for her to take on the iconic role. Making the character younger (because Peter Parker’s going to be a teenager) makes perfect sense. Tomei can do raw dramas but also hilarious comedies. It’ll be interesting to see how she balances the two out for this role. While we’re a little reluctant to be excited about ANOTHER Spidey reboot, Tomei’s involvement is making us hyped for the next web slinging installment. Sorry Sally Fields.


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