Han Solo SPIN-OFF Movie With Chris Pratt In Development!?


Chris Miller and Phil Lord, the team behind 21 Jump Street and The LEGO Movie, are still busy on their animated Spiderman film (out 2018) but announced today they’ve landed a Star Wars spin-off. We don’t know anything else about the movie, other than it will focus on a young Han Solo and that it’s going to be awesome. Phil Lord and Chris Miller are smart enough and funny enough to make this movie the way fans would want. We’ve learned that in the time between the first and third trilogies, Han Solo had a wife, which gives Miller and Lord enough material to work on.

Since the movies going to focus on a young Han Solo, Harrison Ford will not be returning, but who knows, maybe Chris Pratt will take on the role. I know that sounds crazy but he’s worked with Miller and Lord before (on The LEGO Movie) and Kathleen Kennedy (whose the head of Lucasfilms) is already eying him for Indiana Jones. We know that he probably couldn’t do it because he’s already doing action/space films (Guardians of the Galaxy) and is probably going to play ANOTHER Harrison Ford role (Indiana Jones) but it would be pretty cool if he could land a third franchise.

But, let’s face it, it’s probably not going to be Pratt, so they’ll probably just pick an unknown. That’s fine. After years of waiting we’re getting a Han Solo spin-off by some of the funniest (and smartest) directors in Hollywood. We’re not complaining (we’re asking). While a Han Solo spin-off directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller starring Chris Pratt would be awesome, we’re still pretty excited about a Han Solo spin-off directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller.


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