INSIDE OUT: Not That Great of a Movie


I would love to give Pixar’s latest effort a stellar review. I’d love to say that it’s everything it needs to be and everything we wanted it to be. But it’s not. I was rooting for this movie and Pixar since they announced the synopsis. It seemed like Pixar could absolutely crush it with this material. I thought it could be the studio’s triumphant return after a couple of their recent movies fell flat. But it wasn’t. Despite absurdly positive reviews (it’s got a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes), I left the theater feeling disappointed. It just didn’t connect with me. I liked the message. I loved the world building. I guess I liked a lot of the ideas for the film but i didn’t like how they were executed. There wasn’t a structure to the plot. It was exposition and than a messy journey. They tried to set up lands but I think they ended up just being stupid (What’s the difference between Imagination Land and Preschool Land?). There were some characters that I didn’t think were necessary (I wanted nothing more than to get rid of Bingbong) and there were some characters that didn’t have much to do (like Disgust). I thought some parts were funny, but found most jokes stupid (not even the five year olds in the crowd were laughing). I know that this paragraph is not going to make much of a difference. Almost every critic adored the film. It’s got it’s Best Animated Feature Oscar already inscribed by now. But I’m not quiet sure it deserves it. I was waiting for this story to click and it just didn’t. The writers focused on the message and not the story. It really pains me to say it, but Inside Out is not that great of a movie.


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