JURRASSIC WORLD Biggest Opening Weekend of All Time!!!


Yeah that’s right. Out of nowhere, Jurrassic World made $514 million in three days. That’s staggering. It’s become the biggest opening weekend of all time. Jurassic World was literally the only movie to come out last week and it easily took the number one spot. But now it’s knocking down Avengers for the biggest opening of all time. That’s massive.

Everyone (including Marvel) assumed Age of Ultron would be the biggest summer blockbuster, but now, it looks like that’s not the case. Right now, the second Avengers is in 2nd place to Fast 7 for the highest grossing movie of the year. Star Wars: The Force Awakens will probably take the number one spot in December and Jurrassic World might get in the top three. That makes Age of Ultron number four. That’s unacceptable. Marvel must be absolutely furious. The second Avengers was supposed to make loads of money. It was expected to be in the top five of all time- now it’s barely in the top five of the year. If an Avengers movie can’t make Marvel number one what will? I can promise you it’s not going to be Ant-Man. It’s fine if Marvel isn’t number one (they aren’t usually), but they need to be second or third. Getting fourth place is going to hurt.

Jurrassic World really came out from behind and crushed it last weekend. Its investors must be absolutely thrilled. And even though it got universally panned by critics, a sequel is probably already in the works. Because if a movie makes over $500 million in it’s first three days, it’s gonna get a sequel. The movie broke box office records. It’s tearing it apart.


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