TONY AWARDS: Textbook Broadway!!!

This year’s Tony Awards were textbook Broadway. Almost every performance was the stereotype for musical theater with cardboard sets, flashing lights, and kick lines. It might entertain the Broadway fan, but I was left bored. Thankfully, the shows that took awards on Sunday were the ones that pushed the boundaries of theater. Fun Home absolutely crushed American In Paris in the musical category while A Curious Incident of the Dog In the Nighttime unsurprisingly dominated as a play. The two shows were really the only boundary pushing productions of the season. There were some interesting plays. My problem is with musicals. Each one was good, albeit traditional, productions. They all sounds the same and look the same. There was nothing that really stuck out as WOW. There was no rebellious player like Hedwig and the Angry Inch was last season. Fun Home was non-traditional (and absolutely brilliant), but it stood alone. I guess it’s not necessarily bad to be a classic Broadway show, but it would be nice to see some that push the envelope. Sunday’s telecast (and this season) played it very safe. Alan Cumming and Kristen Chenowith were pleasant but weren’t biting. There wasn’t any shocking moments of the night. It might be nice to watch as a fan of theater, but it didn’t give anything to the casual fan. If anything it only reaffirmed the stigma against the Broadway musical. We just proved that Broadway is everything you thought it was. Which isn’t totally bad, but it isn’t really good.


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