PITCH PERFECT 3: Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson Getting SHOCKING Pay Raise!!!


After Pitch Perfect 2 made $70 million in its opening weekend, executives didn’t even blink when they green-lit Pitch Perfect 3. That news isn’t too shocking- we knew that it was coming. The question will be the cast.

18 year old (yet also Oscar nominee) Haille Sienfeld was brought on to the sequel to lead the franchise when our original cast graduates. But don’t expect her to be the new face of the franchise. They worked it in a little bit in the sequel, but expect the main focus of the third movie to be about Anna Kendrick in the ‘real world.’ She was an intern at a record label, which could become the setting for the third film. The question will be working in Rebel Wilson. Maybe Fat Amy could also work at the record label as an assistant? We’re not sure about that, but it works for now.

Executives thought they could just green-lit Pitch Perfect 3, but it seems they’ve got a lot of negotiating to do. Sienfeld’s contract includes a couple of movies so she’s fine. But Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson only signed on for one more film after Pitch Perfect. They’re obviously going to be apart of the third movie, but at what price? They got $2 million each for being in the sequel, which isn’t bad, but expect a much bigger pay day for these two stars. With the box office return of Pitch Perfect 2, Kendrick and Wilson could negotiate for up to $8 million. If that seems like an unrealistic bump up, it’s really not. Nowadays every star’s demanding a pay raise. Jennifer Lawrence refused to work on the third Hunger Games movie without getting $10 million. The two leads of Fifty Shades won’t step foot on set without a bigger paycheck for the sequel. It’s not bratty it’s business. Kendrick and Wilson could pull it off.

Whatever they say, they’ll probably get. These two stars are crucial to the success of the franchise and they’ll get their way.  The franchise is making ridiculous amounts of money, and it’s no surprise that it’s two leads want to be apart of that.


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