Marvel_Studios_(2013)_Logo   San_Diego_Comic-Con_International_logo.svg

Comic-Con was once a major week for movie news- every day they would break major story. Now, we’re seeing a shift as major studios can build their own conventions. Disney’s started their own expo, with a following that’s growing each year. Star Wars not only has a convention, they have an entire day named after them (May 4th, naturally). Studios have now realized they don’t need Comic-Con to make an announcement. They can dominate headlines with an e-mail to the press or by standing on a stage in any ballroom of a Marriott. Instead of competing for the front page, studios can space out their announcements.Now, it’s official: Marvel’s not going to Comic-Con. They aren’t going to spend money sending their stars to press junkets because, it’s not worth it. Comic-Con isn’t fun, it’s a nightmare. It’s impossible to get a ticket to. Instead of infuriating journalists trying to write a story, Marvel can just build their own platform. With Marvel no longer coming to San Diego, the convention’s depending on DC to make waves. It gives the studio a big opportunity to take the spotlight (and the headlines). Marvel isn’t worried, though. They can just send out a tweet if they want to make the front page. They don’t need Comic-Con anymore. But Comic-Con needs them.


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