THE GOOD DINOSAUR Teaser Trailer + Review!!!

The first 40 seconds of this teaser totally sell the movie. It’s a great pitch. But then, they really mess it up. With just a few frames I’m left scratching my head. My biggest concern for this movie right now is that Pixar is struggling stylistically. Those first 40 seconds look fairly realistic (which is something Pixar hasn’t tried before). But then they make these dinosaurs look like these weird gummy CGI creatures. It’s unbelievably fake. It’s not like it’s stylized, it just looks like the animators did a poor job. This looks like a direct to video DVD. The animation work here looks terrible! I think it would’ve been nice to stick with the style they’d set up in the first 40 seconds (or in the concept art). This looks so cheap and tacky. I know their going to do some role reversal adventure but this movie looks like it was animated in 1999. It’s the same quality as Toy Story in terms of it’s animation. Maybe they can fix it by the time the movie hits screens but it’s a little worrying. Inside Out better bring it because The Good Dinosaur looks like a really bad, really cheap movie. And I really didn’t want to have to say that.


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