TRON 3 Is No Longer In Development!!!


Disney surprised us last month by announcing that they were in fact moving forward with the TRON franchise after a massive failure with TRON: Legacy (the reboot to the 80s classic). But, it looks like their retracting that statement. In an announcement yesterday, Disney said that TRON: Ascension was no longer in development. This news comes after the studio’s big investment, Tomorrowland,didn’t pay off at the box office last weekend (which must have influenced their decision). We were really surprised when Disney green-lit TRON: Ascension but aren’t really surprised they’re taking it back. The sequel made Disney an estimated $300 million, but critics and fans were left dissapointed. There were serious flaws with TRON: Legacy and with the same director for the third, it seemed like TRON: Ascension would share the same fate. There isn’t that much interest in a third installment and so Disney isn’t going to push it. While the big budget and big concept franchise seemed promising (the teaser for Legacy was epic), the movie didn’t reach our expectatioins. While the visuals were stunning, the story was difficult to sit though. Well, I guess we aren’t going to sit through it again. Whether it’s for better or worse, Disney isn’t going to take the risk to green-light TRON: Ascension. It might be easier for everyone if we just leave that franchise behind. Game over.


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