IDINA MENZEL Working On New Album!!!


Idina Menzel’s calendar is scribbled with events. She’s started a world tour at some of the biggest arena’s across the world and now she’s working on an album. While she’s only in the early stages she says that an album is definitely down the line.

After Frozen, Menzel’s done a remarkable job sustaining that momentum. She’s started the year strong singing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl and ended her run in the Broadway musical If/Then. And that was just in the first few months. She’s off on her tour over the summer and she’s probably going to start working on Frozen 2 in the Fall. With an album coming out next year (we assume), the singer/actress isn’t going anywhere. The spotlight is stuck on her and it’s not about to burn out.

Menzel came out with a Christmas album last year, which got good reviews and a lot of money. Her next album, which probably won’t be stuck in a theme, will be original works (we think). It’ll be interesting to see what genre she’ll try. It’ll probably be Broadway inspired with some pop elements (like the soundtrack of Frozen). There’s going to put a lot of pressure on her and her writers to come up with songs that can stay on the Billboard charts. She’s not a pop star but maybe she can get on the board.

We’re excited. Idina Menzell’s career isn’t over yet. Frozen 2 has guaranteed that. In between the two massive animated musicals, she’s doing a lot to bank in on her success. This album’s going to be one of them. Menzel’s already adored by Broadway geeks but can she be a big name in music without the help of Elsa? I guess we’ll find out.


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