Batman’s CAMEO In ‘Suicide Squad’

It’s official- Batman’s going to make an appearance in Suicide Squad. After set photos leaked of a car chase between Batman and the Joker (in a glittering purple sports car), it was confirmed that Ben Affleck’s name would be on the movie’s credits.

I’ve never seen a movie with so many set leaks. It seems every week a blurry photo of Harley Quin or the Joker strikes the internet. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t think this is accidental. I think the team at DC is leaking these photos. Because if DC really wanted this movie to be shrouded in secrecy they’d do it (because they’ve done it with Batman V Superman). They want us to freak out over these photos. And, so far, the strategy is working.

We’re getting pretty pumped for the movie (which is still a couple years away). We were apprehensive at first, and I guess we still are, that this movie’s getting too stylized and kitschy, but at the end of the day we’re rooting for this movie to be a success.

It’ll be interesting to see how involved Batman is in the movie. While it’s probably just a cameo, the Dark Knight is the backbone of the DC universe and I wouldn’t be surprised if he played a bigger part in SS than expected. We’re excited by how DC is blurring the lines between it’s movies. We’re long past the age of stand alone films. DC is building an interconnected web of plots and characters across dozens of movies. Batman’s cameo in Suicide Squad will just be one of them.


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