SUPERGIRL First Look!!!!

Marvel and DC are breaking the box office on the big screen. Now their trying to do the same on the small. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and Agent Carter were disappointingly bad attempts by Marvel on ABC but Daredevil was shockingly good on Netflix. There are some successful shows on the CW (like Arrow) but DC’s Constantine just got axed on NBC. Now another cable channel is going to try (and more than likely fail) with Supergirl.

The girl who was intended to be the next Lea Michelle on Glee landed the title role with a bunch of Broadway talent taking on minor roles (shout out to Laura Bennanti!!!). The cousin of Superman stepparent’s got the same powers but not the same street cred. Throughout the show she struggles in her job (which is basically a rip off of The Devils Wears Prada) and tries to find love (with Jeremy Jordan from Newsies) while coming into her own. It’s all pretty generic.

We aren’t all that interested in seeing this show. I would be shocked if it was received like Daredevil. I expect that it’s either going to be disasterously bad and end by next Spring, or make it to two more seasons. Either way, this drama/comedy (it doesn’t succeed at either genre though) looks like a forgettable show that’s not going to last.


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