AVA DUVERNAY For Black Panther!?


Ava DuVernay might’ve been robbed of an Oscar for her brilliant work with Selma, but we don’t feel too bad for her- she’s about to direct Black Panther. While it isn’t official yet, DuVernay is in the first stages of negotiations with Marvel to direct the blockbuster. She’s a great choice to be behind the camera as she’s arguably the best ‘race’ director out there. She handled the theme brilliantly in Selma and she can do a lot with it in Black Panther. Taken from the original comics, the movie tells the story of T’Challa, the Prince of Wakanda in Africa, who takes on the role of Black Panther after his father’s tragic death. We think that synopsis is fascinating and can make for a really dynamic movie. With DuVernay in control, this could be really, really good. Her name adds weight to the movie and the movie will give weight to her resume. We love this idea. She doesn’t have an Oscar but it looks like she’s getting a massive new blockbuster. Good for her. She can laugh at the Academy all the way to the bank.


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