Matthew McConaughey Cast As Green Goblin!!!


In a shocking turn of events, it seems Matthew McConaughey is about to sign on to play Norman Osbourne in the next Spider-man reboot.

McConaughey reinvented himself from being a generic romantic comedy lead after a couple raw Indies (and an Oscar) made him a big name in the industry. But now the McConaissance (as it’s been called) is fading. Yeah there was the thrilling HBO drama True Detective but he fell flat with critics in the massive blockbuster Interstellar and became a punch line after the Lincoln commercials (look it up on YouTube). Signing on to the Spider-Man franchise will show that the McConaissance isn’t over but just beginning. McConaughey’s nailed Indies but a blockbuster will only add a dollar value to his resume.

While a lot of attention’s been put on what teenager will play the younger Peter Parker (right now, it looks like Asa Butterfield will land the role), this news comes entirely out of left field. Sony’s rebooting this franchise for the third time and we didn’t think they’d bring back the Green Goblin for a third time too. In an effort to stay fresh and new, we assumed they pull out a new villain from their archives. Instead, there going to bring back one of the most iconic villains of all time.

We love this choice. We think that McConaughey is a perfect choice to play Norman Osborn and could be a great Green Goblin. It’s hard to really describe, but there’s something about the actor that makes him seem right for this role. While it’s getting a little repetitive to have ANOTHER Peter Parker fight against ANOTHER Norman Osborn, we’re excited McConaughey’s going to suit up in the wicked green armor and spit the iconic cackle.


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