2015 is the biggest year for blockbuster movies. In the same way that 1939 was an impressive year for films (with The Wizard of Oz and Gone With The Wind), 2015 is going to be an impressive year for mindless action movies. And we’ve got plenty. This summer is a tsunami for movie fans. Every week there’s something coming out that will break box office records. Let’s break down this summer’s movie slate. Get your popcorn buttered and refill your oversized soda- it’s summer, people!!! Down below are our picks for the Must See Movies of June.

SPY (June 5)

We’re all a little tired of Melissa McCarthy, but this looks promising. Or at least, it looks like it could be one of the better Melissa McCarthy comedies (anything’s better than Tammy). Rose Byrne, Jason Statham, and Jude Law add support to this fun (and probably stupid) spy comedy. It’s from the godfather of the genre, Paul Feig, so the movie could be funny. We’re still a little reluctant after sitting through Hot Pursuit but we think (and pray) that this will make us believe in the female driven comedy again.


This is a tent pole blockbuster this year (wedged in between The Avengers and Star Wars). It’s expected to revamp the beloved franchise with Chris Pratt leading the charge of pterodactyls (literally, you should see the trailer!!!). Our ticket is already bought (it’s Jurassic Park, c’mon!?) and we’re sure a lot of nostalgic fans will be packing movie theaters to check out the next ridiculous installment.


This low budget documentary is a must see for any fan of comedy. This behind the scenes look at SNL looks fascinating. There’s interviews from legendary SNL alums, never before seen footage, and an inside scoop on the workings of this iconic sketch comedy show. It’s a must see for anyone who knows the name Lorne Michaels and an even bigger must see for the people that don’t (how do you not know the God behind comedy!?!?).

Yeah, there’s a lot of movies coming out June 12th. This low budget Indie looks like one of the best of the summer. It’s not some crashing special effects spectacles; it’s endearing, intimate, and absolutely hilarious. It’s a movie adaptation from the adored YA book and looks like the perfect breather between big budget blockbusters. It’s a better version of The Fault In Our Stars. Take your niece. You won’t regret it. Trust us.

INSIDE OUT (June 19)

Can Pixar come back? After Toy Story 3, the animation studio lost their touch. This genius movie about what goes on inside a young girl’s head is sure to bring them back. We’ve been hearing insanely good things about this comedy. It has a dream cast and a fun premise. We want this movie to be good so badly, and with what we’re hearing, our wish might just come true.

TED 2 (June 26)

A Million Ways To Die In The West was a bomb last year, but Seth MacFarlane’s next comedy is sure to break records. It’s the sequel to the box office busting Ted with Amanda Seigfriend and Liam Nieson joining the cast. What could go wrong? Knock on wood, because this movie could be a disaster. The trailers were disappointing and this movie looks like a forced sequel (but then again, what sequel isn’t forced?). We loved the crude and offensive comedy, but maybe the sequel won’t be able to match the original’s hilarity.


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