REESE WITHERSPOON Signed On For ‘Tinker Bell’ Live-Action Movie


Reese Witherspoon’s secured her space in raw dramas (and disappointed with boring comedies), but now she’s taking on the juggernaut- a MAJOR new franchise. It was just announced that the Oscar winning actress will star in Disney’s live-action Tinker Bell. 

We are incredibly excited that she’s going to don the pixie cut. Tinker Bell, who stems from Peter Pan, became a formidable franchise with direct to DVD animated movies. Disney took the faire from the classic book and made her into a brand with her merchandise stacking store shelves. She’s recognizable, almost iconic, and can easily pull her weight on the big screen. Witherspoon is the perfect star to do it (a smile is always slapped on her face), and she’s talented enough to add some depth to the cardboard character.

The question is who this movie is going to play to. Disney’s said this is going to have a more modest budget (compared to Maleficent) and they might be directing this at younger kids. Their straight to DVD movies do so well with little girls they might not try to add an adult element to it. But don’t worry moms and dads who’ll have to be dragged to this by their five year olds, we think they could put in something for you.

In the beloved animated movie, Tink was kind of a mysterious character to us. We didn’t really get much of a back story. I think this movie could be really fun, if it gives a never before seen look at Peter Pan. Just like Wicked was for The Wizard of Oz, this could be the story of what was going on behind the scenes. Tink’s message is about believing in the impossible, and that can add the emotional note that it needs to be compelling.

Tink was making Disney a lot of money, so of course the studio is going to give her the live-action treatment. While we’re suspicious that Disney’s ahead of themselves with their live-action movies (they’ve made three and’ve announced 8), this makes sense. We’re a little excited that Disney will be sprinkling faire dust across the big screens soon.


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