Lupita Nyongo’s SHOCKING Character In ‘Star Wars’ REVEALED


After months of rumors we finally what role Lupita Nyongo will play in The Force Awakens. Or at least, we know what TYPE of role she’ll be playing. It was revealed in a spread for Vanity Fair that the Oscar winning actress would play a motion capture character in a galaxy far, far, away. That came as a surprise to a lot of people, but really a disappointment. We were excited that the Star Wars cast J.J. Abrams assembled would be diverse but while we’re seeing more women on screen, the only two black actors are behind a mask. Lupita Nyongo is playing a motion capture mutant and will be unrecognizable behind the computer’s makeup, which is a shame. We haven’t seen her try this form of performance before, but maybe she’ll surprise us with her skill in motion capture (which is incredibly difficult). Because we haven’t gotten a look at her in any of the teasers, it seems like Nyongo might not have that big of a role in this franchise. She might become an iconic character like Jabba the Hut, but it doesn’t look like she’ll get a lot of screen time. But what do we know? This is all we could make out with this single photo. But what do you think? Do you think it was a bad decision to hide Lupita Nyongo behind a digital mask or do you think it’s cool that the Oscar winner is trying new technology with a performance? Write your opinion down below in the comments.


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