‘INDIANA JONES 5’ Is Coming!!!


Kathleen Kennedy, a major producer, has confirmed what we’ve been wishing for for years- we’re getting a new Indiana Jones movie. But, it’s a long way away. While there was speculation that Chris Pratt was signed on to the franchise, Disney isn’t anywhere near close to casting our titular character- they don’t even have a script yet. Kennedy said there was no timeline for the project but that a movie will be made somewhere down the line. That could mean three to five years. Which, may actually be a good thing. Everybody wants Chris Pratt to star and with a busy schedule for the next couple of years, he might not be able to do it until later on. Right now, we’re getting an overload of reboots with 80s and 90s classics being given a second chance in 2015 (Star Wars, Terminator, Jurassic Park). It might be a good idea to wait awhile before bringing back this one. 2008 left a bad taste in our mouths with Shia LaBeouf and an angry Harrison Ford in the fourth installment Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which we’re still trying to erase from our memories. That movie was like the prequels to the Star Wars films (let’s just pretend they didn’t happen!!!). We think it’s a smart idea to bring Indiana Jones back to the big screen (and think that Pratt is the man to do it), but let’s not rush it. Let’s make sure we get it right. Right now, we can just be excited that Indiana Jones will swing back into theaters sometime soon.


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