FIRST LOOK! Gwendoline Christie In ‘Star Wars’


Gwendoline Christie is a favorite on Game of Thrones, but she’s now becoming a star of the big screen. Last year, she signed on to play a small role in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part One but really exploded into the stratosphere after landing a part in the ridiculously anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awaken. After much speculation we’ve learned that she’ll be playing almost exactly the same part she’s played before….but that’s not a bad thing! Vanity Fair revealed that Christie will play a Chrome Storm Trooper (doesn’t that sound legit) called Captain Phasma (which sounds a little kitchy but whatever). I can already see the character being risen to cult status. We expect for the character to be a villain but somewhat endearing. She’s going to be tough but show moments of vulnerability, just like Christie’s character on GOT, which isn’t a problem at all. Christie has nailed playing the brutish warrior (I don’t mean that to be offensive) and I think she’ll be great playing the type on the big screen. It’s a little disappointing that she’s covered in armor and Lupita Nyongo is covered in digital makeup, but these two can still be strong female characters. We’re insanely excited for this film, which is building up to be on the biggest movie events of all time. Gwendoline Christie seems to be a welcome addition to the cast of iconic characters. In a couple of years, I’m sure Captain Phasma will join the ranks of Boba Fett in the crazy world of geek culture.


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