Far From the Madding Crowd is far from the dry, dull period piece you get from Kiera Knightly every other year. This sweeping tale is beautifully complex with deeper depth. You are taken away with the soaring score and grand landscapes to a world far away (far from the madding crowd, shall I say). It’s been adapted from the thick book you suffer through in English class brilliantly. Every surprising turn lurches the heartbeat of the story. There’s a pace and an energy to the dynamic because of the incredible performances all around. Carry Mulligan got every line right, Matthias Schoenaerts was a strong rock throughout the film, and Tom Sturridge is a wicked player in this epic romance. There’s surges of excitement that makes the movie thrilling. It’s a loyal and faithful adaptation of a classic that adds a breath of life to the stoic text. It’s a sweet story that deserves to be seen. It’s not a stuffy period piece that’s tough to sit through,  there’s an elegance to it that makes it a beloved classic.


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