Jeff Daniels Joining ALLEGIANT


Despite universally negative reviews, they are moving forward with Allegiant. And not just that, they’re splitting the film into two parts (I wonder where they got that idea). The first two Divergent movies did well at the box office but got terrible reviews. Insurgent wasn’t just hated by critics- fans were disappointed with it too. I would still move forward with a third movie (the second made hundreds of millions of dollars), but I don’t know if I’d stick to the plan of splitting the third into two more movies. They’ll wrap up the franchise in 2017 which seems like a long way out. Will people still be interested in the YA dystopian fiction genre by then (The Hunger Games will be over this year). To help the franchise out, they’ve signed on Jeff Daniels. The talented actor must not’ve been warned by Kate Winslet to stay far away from this trash. Even if he regrets it, Daniels is probably making a lot of money from it. This isn’t going to be too time consuming- Daniels can mail in a performance for a couple of stacks of money. For fans of the book, Daniels plays a major role in the next story line (the leader of an organization that Triss and Four join in the fight against the faction system). He’ll add some prestige to the film, but won’t be able to save it. We think he’ll be uncomfortable (just as every actor in the franchise is) but it’ll be a good paycheck gig for the talented actor.


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