What’s Next For MERYL STREEP


Arguably the greatest actress of all time (not our time), Meryl Streep’s already a legend in Hollywood. Her resume is stacked with Oscar winning performances, so we want to know what’s next. She likes to do a movie a year and she’s done it all.  Streep is a chameleon as she transforms herself into whatever role she’s playing. On her bed stand there’s a pile of manuscripts her agent wants her to read and she could get an Oscar nomination for any of them- the question is which ones she’ll pick. She’s not afraid of any role (she’s done two musicals for Christ sake). While her schedule isn’t full- we’ve been given a glimpse into her future with three projects she’s picked up (we’re guessing she get’s an Oscar nom for at LEAST one of them).


Streep plays a rock star who tries to build a relationship with the daughter she abandoned (her real life daughter plays her on screen daughter interestingly enough). This flick comes out in August (where Streep does well at the box office), and we can’t wait. It looks intriguing and Meryl Streep seems comfortable in the role. I’m also interested to see how her daughter does, talk about a tough expectations. It’d be nice if the two could be on the list for next year’s Golden Globes.


This movie looks like your standard period/progressive piece. Streep plays voting rights activist Emmeline Pankhurst and she seems pretty excited about it (she couldn’t stop talking about it during the press junket for Into the Woods). The screen writer for The Iron Lady also typed this script so it might fall flat with critics but could pull through at the Oscars.

This is by far our favorite. Streep plays the titular character, a midcentury heiress who wants to become an opera singer (despite a terrible voice). This could be hilarious and endearing- she could kill it at this movie. The concept is fantastic. It’s too fun of an idea to miss.

So what do you think of Meryl Streep’s next three entries on IMDB? The 65 year old actress is not slowing down- she’s taking on new daring and bold characters. In the lineup she has an intriguing flick, standard period piece, and wild card. We think she’s lined up some great roles. She’s going to get a couple of awards for them and obviously rave reviews. Streep rarely misses the mark. She strikes a chord with her ability to bend to whatever role she plays. She inhabits these characters and you believe her. Belief is what makes her such a great actress. You never doubt that what your seeing is the character. She’s one of the greats and we think these next few movies are going to build her unprecedented career.


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