Two Teens Eyed For SPIDER-MAN


Sony abandoned their ambitious cinematic universe with Andrew Garfield as Spiderman and are asking Marvel to reboot they’re dying property. Without blinking, Marvel’s putting the web slinger into their movies. With Captain America: Civil War already in production, the team is fast tracking auditions for Spiderman (who plays a crucial role to the story line).

We were told that Peter Parker will be a 15 year old, so they can keep him in High School (plus it’ll be a new way to reboot the exhausted character). Now, we’ve got a short list for who they’re considering. It’s rumored that Marvel’s got it down to two 18 year old actors- Asa Butterfield and Tom Holland.

Butterfield is clearly the more high profile choice, having starred in Hugo and Ender’s Game. He’s also been tapped to play a part in Tim Burton’s highly anticipated horror movie Miss Peregine’s Home for Peculiar Children. While we think he is an uncomfortable actor (his performance in Ender’s Game was hard to watch), it’d make sense for him to take on a big franchise. Audiences are familiar with him and he’s clearly doing something right with so many movies on the horizon.

Tom Holland is a relative unknown so he must have blown everyone away at his audition. The only movie on his resume is this year’s In the Heart of the Sea which co-stars Chris Hemsworth (who of course plays Thor in the MCU).

While we can’t say Tom Holland is an incredible actor, we think Spider-Man should go to an unknown. Don’t give Butterfield the part just because he’s been in a couple blockbusters. We understand that you need someone to carry a franchise but Butterfield isn’t charismatic enough (as far as we know) to do it. Get an unknown and build him into the star you want him to be.We think Marvel can do this character justice and we’re praying they can pick the right actor for the iconic role.


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