Arguably the biggest movie event in years, Avengers: Age of Ultron is a massive blockbuster that’s an epic spectacle to watch.The first movie was unprecedented but this movie might give it a run for its money (literally).

It’s better because it’s bigger. Joss Whedon was able to connect countless characters and plots to write a tight script. There’s so many moving parts, its a wonder to watch Whedon link the plot points together. Every scene is necessary. The pacing of this film is perfect. We don’t get a closer look at Iron Man or Captain America, but we focus on the new cast of characters which the franchise needed to do. It bolstered every weak link in the universe.

The sequel gives us a deeper look into our characters. We’re given a darker background to Black Widdow that we love (even though her romance with Hulk is a little hard to buy). Hawkeye is given a bigger role this time around which made him surprisingly likable. Scarlet Witch was thrilling to watch while Quicksilver was sadly forgettable as the movie’s two new comers. But, the most impressive character in the movie was Vision. While his power is still undefined, I loved the way that he came into this universe. While I’m not sure if he’s a robot or a mutant, he’s an interesting character that seems incredibly powerful.

Ultron is a surprisingly less menacing villain than we’d expected. He wasn’t chilling (like the teasers made him out to be) but he was a formidable enemy against the Avengers (he puts Loki to shame). While artificial intelligence’s become an overused plot point in movies, Whedon scratched the surface to darker themes.

We don’t get a set up to this movie or Civil War, which is also a slight problem. We don’t see the team is reassembling, we hit the ground running with a massive fight. Also, while it sets up a B team for Civil War, they don’t set up like it was expected to. While we’re glad this wasn’t just a set up for the next movie, we think they’re leaving a lot of exposition that needs to be covered for Civil War (we thought for sure the inciting incident would be at the end of this movie).

The action sequences were incredibly impressive. The team used their weapons to their advantage to create thrilling fights. The one problem I have with the film is the setting of this epic battle. The majority of the film takes place in Eastern Asia and I would’ve liked to see the team explode across the world (maybe in Europe or Asia). The city this is set in isn’t well developed so you don’t really care about climactic scenes at the end of the movie.

While it’s not brilliant, it was an interesting installment in the MCU (I’d say it’s the second best Marvel film behind Captain America: The Winter Soldier). It’s a must see movie because it is such an event. There’s so much pressure on this movie (it’s fighting itself at this point), but I think it’s living up to the ridiculous expectations. It will not disappoint or underwhelm you, I can guarantee you that. It’s what you want it to be. Which is a major feat for Marvel.


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