Female 23 JUMP STREET Spin-Off

I don’t know why but I’m on board with an all female 23 Jump Street. I love the idea of an all female Ghosbuters but this gimmick might be a little forced. I think there can be other teams in this agency and I can see them doing the drug ring from a different angle. They can focusing on teenage girls instead of teenage guys, which would be an interesting new spin. I know female cop comedies don’t do well but this one might break the stereotype that The Heat and Hot Pursuit created. Instead of using this as a vehicle to prove a serious middle aged actress can be funny, they can bring on two fresh comedians that will be just as fun, crass, and smart as Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill. I hope that this idea comes from Phil Lord and Chris Miller (two brilliant writers) and not Sony (desperate for money). If done right this can be a lot of fun. Let’s hope it works.


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