Ben Affleck Looks AWFUL As Batman


I’ve given up all hope for the DC cinematic universe with this photo. I was nervous with the teaser and worried with the Joker image, but now I’m completely horrified. I was rooting for Ben Affleck as Batman but now I’m against him. Like I’ve said repeatedly before, this looks fake. It doesn’t look like a bleed between the dark gritty aesthetic of Christopher Nolan and the classic comics- this just looks trashy. I thought comic book movies had learned its lesson with Batman Forever but it seems this is going to be just as bad (maybe, dare I say it, worse). This isn’t an armored suit this is duct tape, wrapped around an uncomfortable Ben Affleck. It looks like a joke. I hope it’s a joke. I hope that this is all one cruel joke. But it looks like Snyder is being serious with this. It is kitschy, it is over the top, it is cartoonish, it is fake. But most of all, it is bad.


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