VINCE GILLIGAN Making ‘Jack and the Beanstock’


We don’t know why Vince Gilligan wants to do a live-action Jack and the Beanstock, but we’ve already bought a ticket. The creator of the cult hit Breaking Bad and the surprisingly good Better Call Saul is working on the big screen. While we don’t see the connection between Walter White and Jack and the Beanstock, we think it’ll be interesting to see this genius try something new. Everything he’s done so far has been good. Gilligan says he wants to retell the classic story from a different perspective which is interesting. This is probably going to shed a different light on the story than we remember (like Maleficent did). We never found the story of Jack and the Beanstock that interesting, but we’re sure Gilligan can make it riveting. Gilligan is incredibly talented at making us care, so we’re definitely excited about this one.


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