CICELY STRONG Shocks In White House Correspondent’s Dinner!!!


We thought she was funny on SNL, but now we know she’s brilliant. While President Obama was great (probably funnier than Strong), the comedian pleasantly surprised us. She said in countless interviews that she wouldn’t be mean but she was vicious under her innocently sweet smile. She took down big controversies one by one. Arguably the funniest part of the night was when she talked about racism (saying that the Secret Service is the only one that’ll get in trouble if a black man dies). She was biting and she was brilliant. The jokes weren’t laced into the speech like President Obama’s- the jokes were clearly constructed with a set-up and a punchline. But I thought she was fun. Like Amy Shumer did at the MTV Movie Awards, Strong shocked us but had a lovable hilarity to her. She was controversial- she’ll be talked about at the water cooler at your office. But in a position that no one ever gets praised for, she did alright. I think she’s been the best comedian at the Correspondents Dinner in recent years. Cicely Strong, well done.


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