Wow, this came entirely out of left field. While we would be apprehensive about this news, two names make us think this will be brilliant: Phil Lord and Chris Miller. If they can make LEGO’s into a brilliant and hilarious blockbuster, imagine what they can do with one of the most beloved comic book characters of all time. The one thing I’m reluctant about is that this is going to be a full length movie. We’re getting ANOTHER reboot of the character in live-action from Marvel and Sony, do we need an animated movie? I don’t know. Sony, whose producing the film, says it won’t be in continuity, which means we’ll have three story lines going on the big screen. I don’t know why that’s necessary. I think Spiderman would make an incredible 13-episode TV series on Netflix. I know it would never happen but why not!? We don’t NEED another Spiderman reboot. I’m fine with taking the character two different places but don’t do it on one platform. Put one on TV and put the other on the big screens. We’d get to see our favorite web slinger across two different forms. It would be awesome. It’d be interesting to see what type of animation they’ll be doing for the film. I just assume its going to be hand drawn like the dozens of animated shows, but it could be a flashier computer animated movie. I think that this project is still going to be fun, but I don’t think it’s necessary. But then again, when is a teenager given spider strength to fight a giant mutant really necessary?


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