FIRST LOOK!!! Jared Leto’s JOKER

Oh. My. God. I was someone who thought Jared Leto could be an incredible Joker and that the DC cinematic universe could actually move on after Christopher Nolan left the studio. Now, I take everything back because of this infuriating photo. I get that we need to bring this character back down to the comics and that DC can’t just try to copy Nolan movie after movie, but this!?

I seriously think that Suicide Squad will be as bad as Batman Forever, a terrible movie we’ve all been trying to forget. It won’t be as bad as Batman and Robin but it will be embarrassing. It looks cartoonish and fake. This costume is like a weird Cosplay of the Joker. This is Jared Leto trying to be Marylyn Manson- not the Joker.

What makes the Joker such an iconic character is that he’s insane but what he’s saying makes sense on some level. There’s a dark genius to him. He’s reckless but it’s calculated. This Joker just looks insane. He seems so disconnected with reality, that he’s not even threatening. It’s like Mr. Penguin in Batman Returns– Danny Devito is just insane, there’s nothing underneath the madness.

Jared Leto seems very proud of his work (he’s been posting pictures of himself as the Joker for months) and we want to believe that there is something brilliant going on with this character. I want this movie to be great but it’s just too fake for me. It’s too cartoonish. Suspending belief can be done but it needs to be grounded. I don’t want this set in some fantasy world like the 90s Batman films, I want this to have some element of realism. I’m not seeing it.

I”m extremely disappointed with what’s going on. This reveal was incredibly anticipated and it scares me with what they’ve done to the iconic character. Suicide Squad is shaping up to be an embarrassment to the comic book movie genre. And I thought we had come so far since Batman Forever.


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