The next Star Wars film will not be about looking into the future but bringing back the past. While the first teaser looked like it was applying today’s trends with the beloved franchise, this teaser looks likes a glossier version of the originals. That isn’t a bad thing. The footage we’ve seen seems to be seamless with Episodes 4-6. It’s remarkable.Somehow, JJ Abrams has been able to keep the same style and tone as the original movies. The shots seem taken straight out of A New Hope. Like literally, you can line some of them up and you’ll find them to be identical. I’m a little worried that this movie is just more of the same. The new planet that we see first looks exactly like Tatooine (JJ Abrams said it was a new planet called Jakoon). The battles, the characters, it’s all too familiar.The fans that live and die by Star Wars will be glad but to a lot of us, there’s nothing new to be interested in. The cast (of which we’ve only seen the three leads) will be exciting new additions, but we’d like to see exciting new sets too. But really, let’s be honest. JJ Abrams is doing a great job of passing off the gauntlet seamlessly. We’re in a new era of the franchise but it’s still the same feel. That line at the end, with Solo and Chewbacca, made hearts wrench. If that line were in any other movie it would be tacky but Star Wars pulls it off. Is it depending on nostalgia? Yes. But that a bad thing? Absolutely not. It’s like we’ve never left the galaxy far far away. And we’re certainly not complaining.


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