‘Batman V Superman’ Trailer + Review

Surprise!!! Warner Brothers dropped the Batman V Superman teaser out of no where.

It was slated to go in front of Mad Max: Fury Road but after it leaked online late Thursday, suits at WB reluctantly decided to release it on Friday. There are two problems with this. They put it out on a Friday, which means it won’t get as much traction with the weekend being a barrier for water cooler talk. But more than that, it came out the day after Star Wars dropped their trailer. Now, these two major blockbusters are going to be fighting for attention (like they weren’t already). WB still has a year until BVS comes out- they didn’t need to put out a trailer. No one was expecting it- the studio could’ve easily waited. Maybe they couldn’t resist- because this trailer is something to behold. It’s something that really deserves to be reviewed.

While Star Wars gave us a lot of what we knew, BVS implies fascinating turns. While Zach Snyder’s tried to copy Christopher Nolan’s aesthetic with Man of Steel- it looks like he’s diverging from that angle. Snyder is no longer trying to be ultra realistic, he’s bringing the story back down to the comic books. While it isn’t going to be cartoonish, it’s a little fake. Snyder’s used so much CGI that this world doesn’t look real. The color pallet for this movie is dark- it’s very damp. It’s not kitschy but some of the scenes are border on cartoonish (like Superman keeping the rocket from crashing into the ground). Nolan would never shoot a scene like that- but this isn’t Nolan’s word anymore- even if his fingerprints are still on it.

What’s fascinating with this teaser, is where Zach Snyder is taking Superman. He’s giving depth to the cardboard character. Snyder’s giving him a dark angle like Nolan gave Batman. We’re seeing Superman as this legendary figure that may not be so perfect. He’s being compared to Jesus Christ, which is a bold but brilliant way to go with this character. He’s saved a lot of people, but there’s a darker side to him. Superman isn’t evil but he may be too powerful. Citizens of Chicago may not warmly embrace this man claiming he’s a savior (as we see so powerfully with that statue).

Ben Affleck looks gruff in scratched rubber and bolstered armor. I think everyone wants him to succeed so badly, and I really think Affleck can pull this off. While Christian Bale sounded like he had throat cancer, Ben Affleck is using a voice modulator for Batman, which I think works. And, obviously, that last line was just great. It was a war cry that really threatens you.

I think this teaser is great at giving us a glimpse at the direction Snyder’s taking this material. It’s an interesting development, let’s just say that. It’s not Christopher Nolan, but this could be smart. I’ve been rooting for this movie since its inception and while I don’t like Zach Snyder, it looks like he won’t disappoint fans. Which is really what this movie’s for.


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