INSURGENT Movie Review


Insurgent is grueling to watch. It’s difficult to sit through. The first installment was better than we expected, I thought that I could like this franchise. But every minute that passed in this movie, I wanted to just watch Hunger Games. The difference in quality between these two franchises is staggering. THG created a genre and pushed countless YA dystopians to the big screens but all pale in comparison. Insurgent tries to be smart, but it’s just pointless. The script is just horrifyingly bad. Each line is a cliche. There are no blurred lines in this plot- everything is black and white. You are either good or you’re evil. The remarkably talented cast do not even bother to try in this movie and I don’t blame them. Shailene Woodley gives it her all. Kate Winslet stands stoically and tries to read bad lines as best she can, but she (and Miles Teller) act like their too good for this movie, which they are. No one in the cast wants to be there, they have all moved on to bigger and better things since Divergent. But they are trapped by their contract to be in this God awful movie. I have no connection with any of the characters. I honestly don’t care whether they live or die. But I don’t blame the cast, I feel bad that they have to humiliate themselves like this. The script is garbage and I can’t care about the plot. The special effects are impressive, but they don’t make up for the rest of this mess. Maybe they can focus more clearly on the next two movies, but I’d be shocked if they could make a good movie out of this trash. I will forget this movie but I won’t forget the time I wasted on it. RATING: D


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