Joss Whedon has decided not to put an end-credits scene in the next Avengers. Before we could start speculating about what that end-credits scene could be, Whedon was quick to put out a statement that there’s no point in wondering. Marvel’s been famous for this extra footage that can always makes the movie end on a comedic or climactic note. They are short and fun but more importantly, they get people excited for the next Marvel movie. With Ant-Man needing all the help it can get, we assumed that Whedon would slap on a scene with Paul Rudd. Or, we thought they’d show us our first look at Captain Marvel, who everyone hopes shows up in this movie. But, it turns out neither will be possible. For whatever reason, Whedon has refused to put in an end-credits scene, but says there will be a tag (a short scene in the middle of the credits).  Because it’s a tag, I’d expect it would be something more comedic (maybe a bit with Iron Man). They wouldn’t want to put something really shocking in that last tag, because the shock fades away with another 10 minutes of credits. We’re disappointed and fans are too. Marvel has put an end credits scene at the end of every movie since the start of the MCU (with Iron Man back in 2008). I don’t know why Whedon couldn’t shoot a quick scene to help Ant-Man out (because it’s going to need it), or reference the upcoming Civil War. Whatever the reason, we’re no longer going to wait in anticipation while the credits role. Instead, we’ll walk out the theater a little (just a little) disappointed.


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