Eddie Redmayne Starring In Harry Potter Spin-Off!?


Warner Brothers is saying that Eddie Redmayne is their top choice to star in their Harry Potter spin-off movie  Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. Redmayne would play Newton Artemis Fido Scamander who sets off to write a textbook that Harry, Ron, and Hermione will read 70 years later. Sure, its not the most exciting synopsis we’ve ever read but JK Rowling is involved so this could be good. David Yates, who elevated the movies into becoming a defined brand, is coming back to direct. As to who will be in front of the camera, the studio is eying the remarkably talented (and young) Oscar winner. A source has said that Redmayne will not take the role unless he reads the script, which isn’t finished yet. If all goes well, Warner Brothers will make this a trilogy so Redmayne would have to be in it for the long hall. It makes sense that he’d be reluctant to take on the part but we’re already on board. Eddie Redmayne would be a perfect fit to the wizarding world of Harry Potter. He’s from the U.K. so he’s got the accent down. He’s beloved but also incredibly talented (he’s in his 20s and already has an Oscar!!!). Redmayne could be the face of this franchise. And really, a franchise would be nice for him to have along with some critically acclaimed Indie films on his resume. It’s something that will keep Redmayne in the spotlight for the next couple of years. We love this idea and think that’s it’s a brilliant casting decision. I honestly don’t think there’s a better actor out there to take on the role.


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