‘Spectre’ Shows James Bond’s BROTHER

In our first glimpse at Spectre we see James Bond digging deep into his past- revealing a shocking new development. James Bond has a brother. Or at least, we think.In this new age of the Bond franchise, we’re given a backstory to this iconic figure like never before. We’re seeing his dark past coming back to take him down. Christoph Waltz, whose going to go up against Bond in this next installment, could be his long lost brother. In the teaser, we see Bond looking into a photo of a family with a paper titled “Order of Temporary Guardianship.” What does this mean? Well it means that someone on the cast list is either a step-brother or brother to 007. It could be Christoph Waltz or they could pull a Dark Knight Rises on us and chose someone no one expects in a shocking turn of events. This news alone, makes us extremely excited for Bond. This is the perfect idea to ignite the sparks in Skyfall. We’ve established this new era for the franchise, now let’s get down to business and get to work. Sam Mendes seems to be doing a great job continuing the glossy but dark aesthetic of Bond. With that secret meeting, I feel like we’re seeing what Bond used to be- a classic spy movie. When you add this fog of mystery, I cannot wait to uncover what lies underneath Bond’s suave facade and finally see the dark side of his past.


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