Where’s ANT-MAN!?

We’ve been getting posters and trailers for almost all of the summer movies on the landscape- except Ant-Man. While movies that are premiering next year are starting to gear up, we’ve gotten nothing to excite us about Ant Man, which is coming in the next few months. Should we be worried? No. Well, probably not. I think Marvel knows what it’s doing. They’re using all their energy to promote Age of Ultron. This summer is filled with big budget blockbusters and Marvel needs to prove they’re still the leaders of the genre. Everyone’s asking which will be bigger: Avengers, Star Wars, or Batman V Superman. Marvel will need to bring it to stand up against those two mega movies. I would guess two weeks after Age of Ultron premiers until Marvel switches gears to Ant-Man. Even if it’s down to the wire, Marvel will put all its efforts towards Ant-Man. We just have to trust Marvel and it’s marketing team that they can pull out all the stops to make Ant-Man the success it needs to be.


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