‘Muppets’ Coming Back To TV


Our favorite furry friends are coming back to the small screen- look out Sesame Street!!! Bill Prady, whose the co-creator of the ridiculously popular Big Bang Theory, is writing a pilot.The episode is going to be filmed next weekend on the ABC studio lot in time for a presentation at Madison Avenue advertisers. If all goes well, the show will go strait to series. While it’s not officially coming back to TV quite yet- everyone’s expecting it to. Netflix was originally interested in producing but ABC, which is owned by Disney (which owns the rights to the Muppets), landed the project. Most of Jim Henson’s iconic characters are coming back (including some of the voice actors from the original series). In the pilot, the Muppets meet up at ABC Studios to start the new show but Miss Piggy refuses to sign her contract (her relationship with Kermit is apparently a little rocky). There will be some guest appearances in the episode along with new Muppets. We think it’s a nice idea that is going to get picked up immediately. The furry friends have been recently raking in money on the big screen with two blockbusters. While the second wasn’t as successful, the brand is stronger than ever. We’re glad that the iconic characters are being brought back for a new generation of kids. And okay, some nostalgic parents too.


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