‘Mulan’ Live-Action Movie


Disney is going crazy with live-action movies. They’ve come out with three and are developing four. After raking in millions for Cinderella, Mickey Mouse has green-lit a Mulan live-action movie. It’s one of the more underapreciated animated movies that deserves to be revisited. It’s hilarious but also a really powerful story. This is the age of female empowerment and, let’s be honest, Cinderella isn’t the best example for young girls. Mulan is. She’s an important figure in Chinese culture and we all know that Hollywood tries to appeal to that audience. China’s box office is growing to become the biggest movie-going audience in the world (yeah, bigger than the US). If they can make a movie that China will like, this could be the highest grossing live-action fairy tale. The key would be to get talent from the country. There is incredible talent in China and Disney should utilize them. We don’t want Jennifer Lawrence playing Mulan- we want a true Chinese actress taking on the iconic warrior. Disney can do a lot with this movie. It’s incredibly cinematic with so much potential. If they get a strong visual director, they can make this movie rich with beautiful shots of war. It can be dark, gritty, and (more importantly) epic. This is an obvious movie to reboot. The animated movie was perfect but this could be even better.


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